Seen on my walk today

Jamaica Pond on a cloudy day

In addition to the view above of my personal water feature, aka Jamaica Pond, today was a whopper of a walk for common, strange and lovely sightings.

There were the typical dozens of pooches (none as cute as Sadie, of course), and the requisite army of huffing/puffing runners. None of the runners looked happy. I hope they will be when they are done.

A young girl and her mom/coach ran purposefully by with their lacrosse sticks held at the ready; that’s one I hadn’t seen before.

I spotted a bunch of geese, the traditional Boston mallard pairings, and a few squirrels to taunt the pooches.

Red Sox regalia is everywhere. I love this fact about where I live.

Walking through town, an impromptu memorial of flags and flowers has sprung up to honor the two firefighters who died in a horrible Back Bay fire this past week.

The ice is off the pond, obviously, and has been for a while, but that still gives me hope that spring might here, and that I might have survived my first New England Winter in more than 10 years.

And the final laugh-out-loud moment came as we were almost home, when I glanced up and saw two nicely coiffed women in expensive spring outdoor gear coming toward me, accompanied by a tall, rangy man carrying a canoe down a busy city street.

I used to roll my eyes a little when friends would wax poetic about “their town” – but now I do it myself. Feel free to roll yours at me, but I love this place. Can’t believe I live here – thank you, universe, for kicking me off the path I thought was mine and guiding me to somewhere new.

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