Lunchtime Lament: After the leap

I’ve done a pretty good job of staying positive amid all the changes in my life recently.

But today, I’ve gotta confess, my stomach is a ball of anxious.  The problem with leaping into the unknown is that a good portion of the journey involves flying through the air without a net, (that’s a metaphor for not being in control, in case you were wondering), and boy, that’s not an easy thing for control freak me.

See, in order to land safely, also known as get a new job, someone has to hire me.  And waiting for that someone to make their choice…well, let’s just say I’m a little obsessive about checking email lately.

But there’s something deeper going on, and I would imagine that anyone who’s made a life transition can relate to this.  Once you’ve announced that you’re moving on, it’s hard not to focus on how things just continue on without you.  They may even get better, because newer, fresher ideas can come to the forefront.  Intellectually, I get this, I embrace it and I know it’s the best thing for organizations and people.  Emotionally, it’s like a body blow each time it happens.   Well, maybe not a body blow…that’s a bit dramatic.  More like a hard poke in the shoulder.  🙂  When you make a change, you’re vulnerable, and as the amazing Brene Brown will tell you, vulnerability is scary.

Anyway, just writing this down makes me feel a bit better.  Blog = therapy. Good for me, and as for you readers, well, that’s what you get for following me.  Sometimes you just get a look into my head where it’s not all funny jokes and philosophical ponderings and transformative art. Thanks for sticking with me.

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