A good day

Even though I think my blog post yesterday about my first Civil War re-enactment deserves to stay on my homepage for a while, I find I just want to talk about my good day today.  It’s been a while since I’ve felt I could say I had a great day, so it’s a noteworthy thing to blog about.

It started with me actually hauling my butt out of bed to go swimming.  This has been a struggle for the past few months.  Sometimes, it was legit – ie, important meetings/projects got scheduled over the time.  Sometimes, it was me being lazy and using work as an excuse.  Not today, though.  Today I got back in there and churned out 40 good minutes and started the day without that nagging guilt I carry when I eat anything without having exercised.

The rest of the day, give or take, was spent working on the TEDxFayetteville conference that happens tomorrow.  Before that, I had a couple of meetings in my office, but I was totally distracted because my entire staff (and then some) were having a meeting next door, and it seemed like they didn’t stop laughing the whole time.  That always makes me happy, provided they’re not laughing in despair.  Or at me.

Anyway, back to TEDx.  (BTW, if you don’t know what I’m talking about – go here and welcome to the party!) For the first time in a while, I was working ON an event, rather than trying to sell an event that others worked on.  There’s a difference, and I’m sure it’s a grass/greener thing, but man, it was fun to be on the other side.  I got into this business by working backstage, and sometimes I forget that.

And for the record, I got to work with some pretty incredible folks.  The TEDx planning team is awesome, and the Walton Arts Center technical staff never cease to impress with me with their work.  I wish I could bottle the excitement that the planning team expressed when they first saw the space, decked out with a stage and signs and lights.  If you ever go to a show of any kind that you appreciate, try to remember the guys and gals behind the scenes who make it happen.  They never get the credit they deserve.

THEN, I got to Skype with my good friend who is in Paris.  Technology.  Crazy.

And now, I’m home.  Sadie and I just enjoyed a walk under a bright white moon, I had healthy food waiting for me in the fridge (for the record, any meal that does not involve takeout is a personal food victory) and I get to spend the rest of my evening cleaning my house for my parents’ impending visit.  This actual excites me because it involves moving furniture, which I enjoy and usually prompts some humor.

So, it wasn’t a mind-blowing day.  But it was good.  Here’s hoping there are more such days in the days to come.

AND PS: My facebook feed was full of red photos today.  That gives me hope, though there’s a long way to go.


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