When worlds collide: Wisconsin in Arkansas

I seriously cannot believe I’m doing this.

I never thought I would write a blog post about Arkansas football.

But since (former) UW Madison football coach Bret Bielema was announced as the new coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, my phone has been buzzing with tweets and texts.  It makes me laugh.  Because I’m one of few Badgers living in Arkansas, I’m supposed to have an opinion.

So here’s my opinion.

I hope the Badgers win the Rose Bowl.

That’s it, really.  Though I live here, and I do root for the Hogs (mostly because everyone is in a better mood when they win), I still care more about the Big Ten than the SEC.

However, as I’ve thought about this, I realized that I do have some actual football thoughts:

Bielema should do well in Arkansas if he can take the heat of Razorback Nation, which is more like Red Sox Nation in terms of obsessive fans than my fellow Arkansans would like to think.  Making 3.2 million should mean you can take the heat, IMHO.

The two Rose Bowl losses in the last two years disappointed a lot of fans in Wisconsin. But, Bielema will have the power of SEC recruiting behind him, so hopefully that will push his team over the edge.

I guess the real question is…will I root for the Hogs now that Bielema is here?  Maybe – if someone invites me to a game sometime.  🙂

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