A few things to restore good humor

Ok, so here I am on my new blogging platform.  I started this post on my old site and then decided it’s just time to migrate over here.  Trying to do some fun stuff – only to find out I can’t – has made me a little grumpy, so I’m hoping that remembering the original reason I wanted to write the post will help.

Here are a few things that happened today that remind me how delightfully wacky the world really is.

This morning, I narrowly escaped leaving the house wearing two different boots – one black, one dark blue.  Perhaps this is a sign that I need more color and variety in my wardrobe?

I attended a “Garden Party” fundraiser today.  Lots of women.  Lots of sparkly holiday clothes and big southern smiles to be seen.  And lots of generally useless yet fun things to bid on in a silent auction.  I walked away with my share of clutter…er…treasure.

For the record, I’m not putting up Christmas decor yet – these are just for show and tell.  But I did buy some new Christmas acapella tunes today.  I think this might be a good year for that Yuletide spirit.  Pass the eggnog, y’all.

While waiting in line at a red light this afternoon, I got honked at because I allowed more than a car length between me and the next car as we moved forward.  I managed to zip through the yellow light, leaving the honkee stuck at the turn lane behind me.  Charitable?  No.  Satisfying?  You bet.

Curly haired women, I have a question for you.  Do you ever think of your hair as an accessory?  As in – I don’t really need big sparkly jewelry because my hair is big and draws enough attention?

And finally, on my way home from work, I enjoyed the following, the memory of which has chased my grumps away:

  • Adorable cute little college student texting while walking and not even bothering to look to see if she was about to be hit by a car.
  • Lovely yet not adorable or little college student stopping for traffic, putting her phone away, and sending me a friendly wave as she crossed the street.
  • Attractive college boy walking down the sidewalk in his Clark Kent glasses, head down, focused intently on his…open book.  Yes, an actual physical book.  I think I’m in love.

5 thoughts on “A few things to restore good humor

  1. Love the new look of the blog–clean and tidy–my fave.

    Also, at first I read “delightfully wacky” as “delightfully wicked” and totally laughed at bullet point number one. Rereading made me giggle at giggling about girl not looking out for cars.

    Delightfully wicked. I see a new blog title coming.

  2. Oh, to be a simple college student again, with not a care in the world. Once you exit that comfortable nest, you learn pretty quickly how easy it is to die. (Wow, that was exceptionally depressing, Kim.)

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