BLOGtober Fest Day 4: Promote a post from the past

Well, this title is self-evident.  This is day 4 of our BLOGtober Fest challenge from Arkansas Women Bloggers, and I’m in Madison at a conference.  So here‘s a post from last fall about fall in Madison – seems appropriate.   What makes me laugh is that the post (from last fall), references an earlier post about the PREVIOUS fall.  Seems like I have a habit of being in Madison in the fall and trying to write the awesomeness in my blog.

The photo below was from the driving art tour I did that is referenced in the post – there’s no art in it, but it is such a gorgeous and accidentally well composed shot that I wanted to include it.  We’ll hopefully be doing the tour again tomorrow, so maybe I’ll have some comparative photos…oooh…that sounds like fun.

From Farm Art to Football – Fall 2011

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