Blogging ’bout buddies & boots (featuring a boot giveaway!)

Buddy is a strange word.  I mostly hear guys use it to describe what we ladies would call our girlfriends.  However, buddy starts with a B, and I love alliteration, so there it is.

This past weekend, my buddy from college came to visit.  Living in here in the 479, it’s safe to say most of my friends from other lives have NOT visited me.  But with Adella’s visit, I’ve now had two of my college roommates make the trip.  Very exciting.  As usual, she fell in love with this little corner of the world, which all of us who live here already know is awesome.  We explored Fayetteville, Eureka Springs and Bentonville, we experienced 80 degree weather that changed to a freeze warning in 24 hours, we took in some art, did some shopping…and we ate.  Boy, did we eat. 

But by far the most unusual part of our visit involved boots.

Many of you know that I went to the Arkansas Women’s Bloggers Unplugged (AWBU) conference back in August, and came away with a sweet new pair of Tony Lama Golden Tan Navajo boots.  I have really enjoyed learning to wear them, and lest you think I’m being silly, I mean it; you do have to learn to wear them.  In my case, I had to learn the right socks to wear, the right outfits to pair them with, and also how to get over a little bit of irrational fear of shoes that are hard to get off (yes, I know, I’m weird, and I have high arches).  I’ve also had to learn to walk in them: to slow down, saunter a bit, tilt the hips forward.  These are not easy things for a fashion-challenged Yankee to learn, but I’ve found that once I have my boots on, they contribute to a general feeling of…well…being kind of kick ass.

Anyway, as part of the conference, I got these boots, and I also get a chance to give some away!  So it seemed appropriate that, while my Yankee buddy was in town, we would go explore the boots at the Country Outfitter store in town, and preview a few of the kinds you could buy with your $150 gift card.  Little did I know that my buddy would walk away with TWO pairs of boots.  But more on that later.

First, we browsed.  And for the record, my apologies for the quality of these photos – the light in the store wasn’t great for IPhone photography.

Disclaimer: The Country Outfitter store in Fayetteville has a limited selection; if you don’t find the size you want on the floor the super-nice staff will order it for you. So it’s best to come in without any expectations of what boots you want.

Then, we started to pull all of the size 9 boots from the shelf, and Adella went on a little trying-on binge. If you recognize the boots below, you either went to AWBU or you read my friend Jody’s blog (she’s also doing a boot giveaway), since they are the ones she got at the conference.  I figured it wasn’t cool to have two Jody/Jodi’s in town with the same boots, so I hoped Adella would buy them (they were on sale).

Next up: Tony Lama’s Tan Saigets Worn Goat boots, with pink detailing.  Sturdy looking, casual, rounded toe.

Then we found the Ariat Women’s Legend boots, in Distressed Brown.  These quickly rose to the top of the list for their comfort and pretty blue/green details.

After that, it was mostly trying boots on just for the sake of trying them on.  Like these bad-ass Corral Women’s Distressed Black Winged Cross boots, which we felt we’d need to accessorize with a motorcycle.

Anyway, Adella wound up buying TWO fabulous pairs of boots and wearing one out of the store:

Then, of course, we had to show them off, so we walked around in downtown Fayetteville for a bit, and every few minutes, Adella would look down at her feet and giggle “I LOVE THESE!”  We discussed that we felt…well…kind of kick ass in our new boots (because I was wearing mine, of course).

It got me thinking about articles of clothing that make us feel this way.  For me, there’s not many, but my boots are defintiely one.  And now we arrive at the real reason you’ve read this far in the post.  Your chance to win some boots to increase the feeling of being…well…kick ass.  Because let’s face it; you are kick ass, but sometimes we all need a little reminder. 

Country Outfitter is giving you a chance to win a $150 gift certificate to go shopping on them!  They have men’s, women’s and kids boots of all styles and colors.  There are JUST TWO STEPS.

1. Click here & submit your email address to Country Outfitter (you may receive occassional emails from them).

2. Leave a comment below letting me know you submitted your email to Country Outfitter and if you’d like, tell me about a piece of clothing or accessory that makes you feel…well…kick ass.

A random winner will be selected Tuesday, October 23rd.

And finally, there are bunch of boot giveaways out there in the Arkansas women bloggers network.  If you check out this board on Pinterest, you can enter for more chances to win!

That’s it!  Thanks for reading my blog, y’all.  And here’s the requisite DISCLOSURE: CountryOutfitter, a retailer of Tony Lama boots, gave me these Women’s Golden Tan Navajo boots to review.

65 thoughts on “Blogging ’bout buddies & boots (featuring a boot giveaway!)

  1. Jodi,I submitted my e-mail address to Country Outfitter for a chance to win the gift card.I have a pair of VERY long earrings . . . I love the way they make me feel because I walk tall . . . no slouching with these on my ears! ~e

  2. Jodi,I placed a link to your giveaway on my blog. Loved giving the boots away – felt a little like Santa:) I love my Ariat red boots — definitely kick ass boots:)

  3. I completed the form at Country Outfitters. One of the things that gives me that feeling is my vintage sea turtle boots that are in perfect condition, and about 40 years old. I love those things!

  4. I entered at Country Oufitters! I think wearing skinny jeans with boots makes me feel kick-ass. If it's possible to still feel kick-ass at 54!

  5. Don't you love it when friends from "off" come to visit and in the end look at you and say "NOW I know why you live here."? I feel kick-ass when I'm wearing my bright pink knee high compression socks. That's weird, but they make me feel like a real runner. re-pinned to my board and shared on FB!

  6. Remember that conversation about declaring "I'm a writer?" I think you're a real runner, regardless of the socks you wear. But I can see how they would make you feel kick ass! 🙂 thanks for the sharing.

  7. I love my Ariat boots from Country Outfitter and they definitely make me feel "kick ass". 🙂 Also, I had no idea there was a store!! That's super exciting!My giveaway is this week too!! But I would still LOVE to win some boots for my daughter who has been squeezing into mine since I got them. Cheers!

  8. I did it!!!! I've had the boots I'm wearing today for 12 years so it's time for some new ones! I'm a fall gal, so I feel good in tights–I especially love bright or patterned tights. =)

  9. I submitted my email (by the way, I LOVE Country Outfitters!) The one item of clothing that makes me feel kick-ass has gotta be my black leather motorcycle jacket! I always get tons of compliments on it, and it makes me feel even better that I got it at a pretty kick-ass price. 🙂 Thanks Jodi!Rtg

  10. The store was fun. Fair warning – their selection is really limited. It's not meant to be like a shoe store where they have all the sizes. You can order what size you need if it's not on the shelf. 🙂

  11. That is awesome. You just reminded me that I have a black leather jacket to bust out when it gets cold again. 🙂 Great to see Roxy today!

  12. Loved reading your description of "how to walk" in boots! Never really thought about it but I guess there is a difference! My sister told me about your trip to Mtn View and getting a pair of boots!! That's soooo cool. Since the newest pair of boots I have are hand me overs from my sister, I think I need a new pair! LOL Thanks for sharing the wealth!

  13. I entered my email & would LOVE to win a pair of boots!My favorite great fitting (nearly worn out!)Levis make me feel just fantabulous=)Thanks bunches!Lethea BLuvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  14. I submitted my email address – I love BOOTS! What can I say?I have an outfit that always makes me feel like I'm going to go through the day kicking arse and taking names. It's a black pencil skirt and my too high to wear all day houndstooth heels. My legs look hot in them, the pencil skirt slims my waist, and I'm ready to take anything on in that outfit! Well, except touch football. I couldn't play touch football in that outfit.

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