I should be walking the dog..

Oh lord.  I have been the queen of procrastination tonight.  I have piles of work to do.  My dog is about to expire; she wants to go for a walk. right. now.  Now, dammit!

But I’ve found myself, instead, zipping around the interwebs, with about 10 tabs open in my browser, surfing Pinterest, facebook, twitter and various blogs.

This is because I attended a really interesting event this past weekend called the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference.

I have a lot to say about what I learned and experienced there, but I’m not ready to blog about it in full just yet.  Suffice to say there were boots (lots of them, courtesy of Country Outfitter, and they were oh-so-cute on all the gals), there was a marriage proposal (can I get an “awwwwwww”) and there was the amazing Ozark Folk Center, where I dropped some significant cash (well, credit) and came back with some handmade treasures that will show the world that I have truly adopted Arkansas as my state (for now, at least). 

Anyway, I snapped a couple of photos in the craft village that I really love.  I thought I’d share them and leave it at that.  More to come on the conference and blogging inspiration, plus more info about a very special upcoming giveaway.  You do not want to miss this giveaway.

But before I go, I have to give a shout out to Beth, Julie, Stephanie and Fawn, the ladies who put the conference together purely as a labor of love – just because they wanted to.  They gave me my first taste of conference style learning that wasn’t work or school related, and it was both weird and wonderful to be learning for my sake, and mine alone. They are some pretty impressive women.

Enjoy! I’m off for a late-night stroll.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that sewing and honeymoon are
words that go to together, but I was entranced by this
beautiful machine in the quilting shop.
Live music at the Ozark Folk Center.
A real working printing press.  So very cool.

5 thoughts on “I should be walking the dog..

  1. I spent 40 minutes in the print shop talking to Vicki, the apprentice, and Troy {the printer?}. I SO want to take a typesetting class there. Also- you were on the kebob team with me, right? I'm going to post our story along with the picture.

  2. I get so few comments Google must not know how to handle it. 🙂 Weird, Gina. Sorry about that. I checked all the comment settings and they haven't changed. Gremlins?And, I got an email saying there was a comment from you talking about being int he print shop for 40 minutes (I was there with you for about 20 of them – his name was Troy), but it's not appearing here. Weird. Anyway – it was great to meet you briefly and CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement.

  3. Egad! I love this post.I know we didn't get to interact much (fortunately, we've known each other for a minute…), but I was SO glad you were there. Freakily, yours was one of the faces I watched this weekend to gauge how we were doing, whether things were resonating and so on. I love these pics, and am so glad you loved OFC. Amazing place. It's pretty exciting to read some of these posts, and I can definitely relate to losing scads of time on other AWBU ladies' blogs. Great post, excited for more!!(and, HUGE thanks for the kind words – appreciated more than you know!)~B

  4. Beth, your kindness and spirit come through so clearly in your online presence! It's a real gift. And now I'm going back and wondering if I made any bad faces. 🙂

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