Wasting time, courtesy of Dell

Act II of today needs to get started; ie, those precious few moments of uninterrupted work when I accomplish more between 9pm and midnight than I do in 8 hours in the office.  But my work laptop decided it needed rebooting.  This is normally a 20 minute process, so I figured, why not write a quick blog entry?

First, a quick rant about technology and all it doesn’t do for us.  Actually, in this case it’s just a rant about my laptop, the main purpose of which is to increase my appreciation for my Macbook with each passing hour.  Enough said.

Let’s move on to happier things!  First, I can’t forget to remember Monday, my “supposed” day off where I worked about 4 hours, but also got a little play time.  A lovely, though buggy, hike around Lake Wilson was fun, and then I monitored email while doing some deal-making and finishing Mockingjay.  No joke, I cried more reading it this time.  But anyway, the real story of the day comes from my 3-hour volunteer shift at KUAF 91.3FM, our local NPR station, for their spring fundraiser (have you pledged yet?).  I got to take a few calls and donations and chat with some nice folks.  But my evening was made when, after the on-air folks mentioned my name and that I work at Walton Arts Center, the phone rang, and a sweet lady asked for me in person.  She was calling to pledge to KUAF, but she was so excited to talk to me, to tell me how much she loved the shows we bring, how many other shows she’s coming to, and that she saw me on stage once giving a pre-show announcement and just wanted to talk to me.  I mean, come on.  Is that not one of the most awesome things?

Yesterday was something of a blur, and today started in the dumps.  An 8am meeting, and then I got back to my office and realized I’d left my computer at home.  So, grumbling all the way, I drove back home, hitting every. single. red. light. possible, retrieved my stuff and hustled back to the office by 9am.  But then the day took a turn for the much, much better when a simple solution to a big problem revealed itself.  Gotta love that.

But the best part of today?  Getting a personal email from a head hunter.   Yeah, that is pretty much a guaranteed confidence booster, regardless of what you’re being hunted for.

Anyway, the day wasn’t all metaphorical sunshine, but it wasn’t half bad.  I got my tickets to the 2012 Northwest Arkansas Naturals season, too, and had a semi-successful run/walk to the dog park.

Oh, and PS.  For those keeping score, the cute sandals from two posts ago won the battle.  The boring sensible shoes are going back to LLBean.  They were a bit too boring even for me.  

And hey look!  My work computer has decided to boot up.  Time wasted, check.  Back to it.  Catch you later, world.

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