A tale of two shoe styles…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

An epic beginning to a wonderful novel.

But also a pretty schizophrenic statement.

Kind of the like the one I made this week with my shoe purchases.

On the one hand, I got a yen to use up my LLBean coupon dollars and I bought, along with a couple of pairs of hiking shorts and a windbreaker, a pair of cream-colored, flat, incredibly sensible shoes that just scream “I’m on a boat in New England and fashion is the furthest thing from my mind.”  I love them; I put them on today and felt what is used to feel like at home. 

However, I have SERIOUS sandal envy of all the fashion-savvy women at my office. So yesterday, I bought two pairs of sandals with pretty wedge heels; one pair even had pink and purple straps.   They should arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait, because I love when I finally convince myself to buy something girly and pretty and that yes, Jodi, even big girls can wear cute sandals.

Is this contrast in styles a Yankee vs. Southern thing?  Conservative vs. liberal ideals playing out in my closet?  An epic battle between frumpy and trendy?  Comedy vs. tragedy? Can LLBean deck shoes and wedge sandals exist in the same wardrobe without fashion Armageddon befalling us all?

Which look will triumph? We may never know, because as much as I want to look cute and fresh like an Arkansas gal, I also still love my boring New England comfort clothes.  I guess, in the end all I can do is promise NOT to wear the pink/purple sandals with my new hiking shorts, or the silk espadrilles with the windbreaker.

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