8 minute blog entry

I have 8 minutes to complete this entry before heading to a dinner while at a conference here in lovely Louisville. Actually, I have no idea if it’s lovely since I’ve yet to be outside in the daylight. 

Crap, 30 seconds wasted on typing that.  Moving on.

Anyway, I’m here for the National Arts Marketing Conference, and I wanted to blog so I could document a really odd occurance.  So far, I have enjoyed this gathering immesley because all I want to do is listen.  Usually I sit at a table, steaming, because I want to be presenting myself, or sharing my great ideas. 

Today, none of that.  I’m soaking it all in, and having some fun retweeting the wisdom I’m hearing from others. 

I feel this must be a sign of something – that I’m getting older and wiser, that I’ve either got more confidence in my ideas, such that I don’t have to share them (unlikely) or that I have less confidence in my ideas, thus being oh-so-open to other people’s brilliance (far more likely). 

Either way, I like it.  Now I’m off to have dinner at the 21C hotel, a branch of which will be opening up in my home region soon. 

Whew.  2 minutes to spare.  Not bad!

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