Lots to say, but I’m short on words

Wow, I’ve had a lot of blog-worthy stuff happening these past weeks.  But I find myself without the vocab energy to make any of it into a blog entry.  So in the spirit of Twitter, here’s a few brief mentions of what’s been going on, just for posterity’s sake.

We’ve had rain, lots of rain.  We even had some floods.  And there were tornados, bad ones, south of us.  Mama Nature was not a happy camper in those last weeks of April.  Lots of May flowers coming, we hope.

I took a jaunt to Madison for Bolzie Board stuff and home to NH for the last time that it will be my home.  The memories that trip stirred up…well, that definitely needs a full blog entry.

A few days back in the office, and then it was off to NY for the Broadway Road Conference.  I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Anything Goes (with Sutton Foster and Joel Grey), Bengal Tiger in the Baghdad Zoo (with Robin Williams), The Book of Mormon and Sister Act.  More on those later. 

And now a few crazy work weeks begin, but they are colored by the tragic death of someone far too young to have left the earth so soon.  I know how all of this young man’s friends feel, and I just wish I could take that pain from them; the process takes a long time and I wish they didn’t have to suffer it. 

And remember that entry about something good happening?  I think I spoke too soon.  That’ll teach me.

Here’s hoping for more cheer and light in the next entry.  Go Sox!

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