Movies that don’t (?) suck

Yesterday I stumbled on a previously unheard of movie channel on my U-Verse cable, and came upon a movie lineup ingeniously titled “Movies that don’t suck”.  Bonus, I thought.

Except that they were playing Broken Arrow.  You know, the one about missing nuclear weapons, starring John Travolta, Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis (and Howie Long – let’s not forget that gem of a performance). 

Broken Arrow is a terrible movie (Thus the reason I love it). It’s directed by John Woo, with his trademark cheesy dialogue and ridiculous characters/caricatures.  And lots of guns and explosions.  A perfectly delightful/awful movie.   Right up there with Armageddon, The Core and Face/Off.

It most definitely sucks.

And yes, I own the VHS version and am now rewinding it because I want to watch the “uncut” version.  I mean, if the best line of the movie is “I say God Damn, what a rush!!!”, and they edit it out of the TV version, one is obliged to restore the movie to it’s former, completely sucking glory. 

Excuse me while I go remember how to fast forward through the credits.

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