The New Year’s resolutions I wish I could make…

This year, I wish I could resolve to:

  • Sleep until I want to wake up…every day.
  • Cease all saving and increase my spending exponentially.
  • Eat nothing but bagels, Thai food and pizza.
  • Drive 10 miles above the speed limit…always…and see if I’m on time more.
  • Always say what I think, no matter how snarky-New-England-sarcastic-inappropriate-guaranteed-to-get-me-fired the thought is.
  • Buy a 100-acre plot of land that contains lakes, mountains and adirondack chairs.
  • Simultaneously live close to the following (not necessarily in this order): my parents, my brother, my friends, the New York and/or London theater districts and a city with Indian restaurants. 
  • Tell people when they are being stupid/mean/annoying.  Immediately. 
  • Leave my house in the messiest state possible.
  • Spend every other weekend in Hawaii.
  • Leave every light on in the house…during the day. 
  • Never vacuum my car. 
  • Ignore the dozens of hot men who seek my favor, instead focusing on some quality “me time.” 

Alas…I will have to stick with drinking more water, walking the dog, and seeking happiness in the moment.  Not nearly as much fun.

How about you? What resolution would you really, really like to make, consequences be damned?

One thought on “The New Year’s resolutions I wish I could make…

  1. Resolutions I would like to make:1. Say.. Take this job and shove it and do something I love for people who appreciate it.2. Eat healthier and exercise more (which is really some)3. Buy lottery tickets every week so resolution #1 could come true– it wouldn't take millions I assure you.Resolutions I will really make:1. Find satisfaction in my every day accomplishments.2. Focus on changing careers and making the changes I need to make to do that.3. Eat healthier and exercise more ( that is really some..)4. Be thankful for all the blessings no matter how small. Happy Year!!!! Kim

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