Moon over San Diego…

As I’ve been typing, the moon has risen in a perfect bisection of the curtains in my downtown San Diego hotel room.   Another good omen for what’s been a great vacation so far?  I hope so.

When we left off before, I was waxing pompous about a photograph I’d seen at the Getty.  Seriously, though, the Getty was VERY cool.  Maybe I’ll post a video of my photos later on if I get ambitious.  But here’s one, just as a tease…

Without going into detail, here are the two big things I learned at the Getty:

1.  Old manuscripts are COOL.  Especially when they’re illuminated.

2.  When it comes to modeling, I am living in the wrong era.  The women in the paintings in the 1600’s and later are round, curvy and gorgeous.  Here’s hoping we get back to that standard of beauty sometime soon! 

The day at the Getty was followed by a super fun evening with friends taking a “hipcooks” class – where we learned to make roasted pepper soup, seared sesame tuna, mango-ginger salsa, and strawberry sorbet.  YUM!!!!  That, and we learned the proper “chopping” motions so we can look almost as cool as the Top Chef cooks.

Then I hit the road for San Diego.  I was like a 5 year old when I saw my first glance at the Pacific, and even cruised the Coast Highway for a little bit, narrowly missing causing several fender benders as I gaped at the waves and beaches.  Enjoyed a walk along the waterfront, where I ran into two business colleagues whom I haven’t seen in over a year – they just happened to be walking on the waterfront in San Diego at the same time I was!  WEIRD.  It’s a small world after all, I guess.  (Apologies if I put that song in your head…it’s been in mine all day so it’s only fair that I share).   Then I headed out to dinner on Coronado Island with Brenda, my brother’s fiance, who also got us onto the Naval base to watch the sunset on the beach.  Two words for that… Awe. Some.

And now, an early night.  This vacation thing is pretty cool.  I should do this more often.

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