Why I love hanging out in airports…

Let me preface this blog entry by saying I especially love hanging out in airports with free WIFI.  Thanks, MHT.  You’re awesome.   Wifi makes a flight delay less irritating, for sure.  So do a plethora of power outlets. 

Traveling by air – alone – is the one endeavor in our entire modern lives that we can do without any social repercussions.  Unlike non-airport life, when one is traveling alone, you get the better end of the deal – it’s a lot easier to entertain yourself, and yourself alone, than it is to entertain a family of bored kids or work acquaintances.  In an airport, you can listen to music, read a book, or tap away on your computer without guilt or fear of pity because, quite honestly, there’s NOTHING ELSE TO DO.  And these aforementioned activities are what single people spend a lot of time doing.  Because, frankly, we don’t have to do laundry for our kids or help our spouse with whatever project he/she is working on. 

Being single in a couple-focused society is never easy.  But it can be fun.  Would I rather have a companion with me on my Both Coast vacation, both to share the cost and excitement and for some romance?  Sure.  Do I wish that there was a big strong man around to tote my bags for me?  Of course (though my independent soul might not let him).    But the simple reality is that single people are only limited by our own self-consciousness in what we can do.  When I leave the comfort and anonymity of the airport, will people look at me with pity when I go to a restaurant or gallery or attraction? Maybe.  But why should I care?  I’m going to have fun.  This is my life.  And I can do anything I want.  Without checking with someone else.  There’s something to be said for that.

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