The key to world peace

Today, the key to world peace was revealed to me. Pretty flattering, no?  I like to think so.

I know you’re dying to know.  Here it is.

Sunshine after 3 months of gray skies.  For everyone.  All over the world, all the time.  

More specifically, sunshine that renders the air a perfect 67 degrees.  With a slight breeze and some clouds floating around for effect.

Now you see the dilemma.  Solar orbits and axis tilts and other cosmic influences aside, it’s clear this would never be possible, and even if it were, we humans would probably find a way to complain.  After all, everyone skilled in ice and snow removal would be unemployed. 

But imagine if we could bottle the feelings that the past two days of gorgeous weather prompted in us, and drink them when the days get cold.  We’d smile more when we walk out our doors.  We’d walk out of those doors more.  We’d stop and chat with each other while our dogs romped together.  We’d drive with our windows down so people could laugh at us as we pull up to a stoplight singing at the top of our lungs.  We’d wash our cars. We’d work harder to leave work on time.  More laundry would be dried in the open air.

Did I mention we’d smile more?

Someone once said the reason there will never be peace in the Middle East is that it’s just too damn hot.  I’m starting to think this is truer than we’d like to believe.

2 thoughts on “The key to world peace

  1. I think you might have something here. I'm happiest in early fall and mid-spring right around the 67 degrees with a slight breeze time period. This past Friday – Sunday, I was a joy to be around. However, today, while cold and rainy, would have been a good day to stay out of my way… hmmmm.

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