Does this seem right?

I grew up in New England, which means that my idea of high fashion is a cool pair of boots and a fleece vest from LLBean.  In college, makeup was something I put on for dances, concerts and plays.  And while I wasn’t a femme fatale, I did ok with the boys. 

Then I moved to the Mid-South.  I discovered that women here have a thing for fabulous jewelry and clothing. And I have come to observe that leaving the house without makeup is a sure sign of personal neglect.  Is isn’t that I think the makeup actually makes us all look better – it’s just that, to go without it implies that ultimate sin – that you are not “taking care of yourself.” 

Maybe it’s that I’m getting older and noticing some flaws that weren’t there in my 20’s.  Or maybe I’m finally figuring out how to be a girl.  Who knows? 

All I know is that today I slept late, which meant I didn’t have time to shave my legs before going to work.  But it’s Wednesday, and I have to shave my legs, because I play volleyball in the evening and unfortunately for my teammates, that means wearing shorts and showing (ghostly pale) leg.  So I raced home from work and jumped in the shower.  Setting aside how strange it is to be showering before exercising, I had a realization in the shower as I indulged in a quick face wash. 

Getting clean is one of the best parts of my day.  And as I was washing my face, I realized that women, after enjoying the ritual of getting clean, immediately start slapping products on ourselves.  Creams, powders, gels, even felt tip markers that masquerade as eyeliners.  We start the day fresh and clean, and immediately try to hide it. 

It just seems a little strange.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with making a good thing look better.  🙂  But the cynic in me wonders why our own skin, with it’s own lights and shadows, isn’t enough. 

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