Salt is more than a condiment

At times like this, I alternate between rueful amusement and sheer frustration.

It snowed last night.  A whopping 3 inches.  At most.

It sleeted/snowed a little today.  Barely enough to cover the ground.  But cover it did, in a slick, greasy layer.

Up north, we’d throw some salt on it, slap on our boots, downshift into first gear, and go to work.

Down here, salt is something you put on your mashed potatoes.  Here, our schools are already canceled. Our one plow/sand truck has been taken out of mothballs and put to work.  I guarantee that accidents are piling up as people insist on using their brakes and tailgating.

We’ll spend 3 days “recovering”, missing work, missing school, falling on our asses in parking lots (that was last year, I’m hoping for a break this year), hunkering in our houses with the eggs and bread we divested our supermarkets of before the weather rolled in.

It takes us by surprise every year.  Even though it happens ever year.

My kingdom for a fleet of NH/Wisconsin style plows, sand and salt trucks!

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