Positions of power

On Friday, an email arrived from one of my staff. It was a singing e-card for Bosses Day. My awesome team then took me out for sushi. Did I know it was Bosses Day? Nope. But it sure was a nice surprise.

Which got me thinking. About being a boss. And how, now that I am one, I would say it’s harder to be a boss than an employee. However, when I was an employee…the reverse was probably true. But now, I find myself lying awake asking such unanswerable questions as: “Are my staff engaged in their jobs? I think they are, but maybe they’re just pretending to be…” or “I think I have a great relationship with my staff, but what if they are just blowing smoke up my ass to make their lives easier? What if after work they get together and bemoan how much of a pain I am?” or “am I challenging them enough? Or too much?” or “is that bad mood related to home or job?” and on and on and on.

This, of course, led me to wonder how many people in the world find themselves sending Bosses Day cards to bosses that they absolutely despise. Are there cards out there that, played backwards, tell bosses how their employees REALLY feel? There should be.

And I hope to God I never get one.


Here are two things you never want to hear from the person waxing your eyebrows:

1. Did it rain last night? I didn’t sleep at all, and I didn’t hear any rain…
2. I suppose I should put on my glasses so I can see what I’m doing. They’re new, you see, and I’m not quite used to them…

I should have bolted from the chair, but I was helpless under the power of the tweezers and hot wax. So if you notice that my eyebrows are crooked or something, just keep it to yourself, ok?

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