Back to the funny…

I’m swearing off serious posts for a while. Time to get the funny back. Therefore…

For those who remember Tad and Fritz, the ducks in my pond, I have depressing news to report. Their attempts to conceive have come to naught. If you want to have a bit of fun, give some thought to the concept of duck couples/fertility counseling.

Many of you probably heard this one on my facebook account, but about a week ago I rounded the corner to my apartment and discovered a neighbor peeing in the bushes. He caught sight of me, and gawsh, did he zip and disappear in a hurry. Good thing it was dark and I didn’t see his face, because keeping mine straight would be tough. That was the proverbial straw, and I have sent that camel to the hospital with my plans to move out as soon as I can. More on that soon.

David Sedaris is coming to town soon. And I’m pretty sure he’s promoting a book brought to us by the folks that do The Onion, which has been making me guffaw into the quiet of our office over these last days with headlines like “The Struggling Cleveland Zoo Hosts an All-You-Can-Eat Penguin Fundraiser,” and “Struggling Museum Now Allowing Patrons to Touch Paintings.” But my personal favorite is: “Relationship Not a Power Struggle, Woman Who’s Winning Reports.”

I ordered a CD from Amazon the other day (yes, sometimes I actually like to have the actual CD, gasp!), and when it arrived, I eagerly fought my way through the irritating packaging, discarded the crappy merchandise-selling flyers, and put it into the CD player on my computer. Imagine my surprise when I hear, instead of the first bars to a Broadway-type show tune, the dulcet tones of Michael Jackson. As someone who’s burned many a CD in my software development days, I know its possible to mislabel a CD, but…really? Michael Jackson? I wonder what it says about my music taste that no one has caught the mistake before now…

(Ethical question of the day: Do I download the Michael Jackson songs to I Tunes before returning the CD? I have chosen not to. Lame or right? You decide.)

Today at BodyCombat, I broke down laughing mid-class because I could not get my left/right legs/arms coordinated. The whole class was going one way, I the other, and the really sad thing is I didn’t notice for half the song. Thank goodness I have learned to laugh at myself. I’d spend a lot of time weeping if I didn’t.

Well, my quest to find the funny was only marginally successful, I’d say. I’m out of practice; too much political thinking and pondering the world. I’ll do better next time.

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