Back to blogging…

It’s been a VERY busy few weeks – with travel, events, and more travel. Lots of good stuff happening. For example, the end of my sojourn into the world of conservative talk radio. More on that in a later post – I’m still recovering…er…processing.

Though my noggin is full of deep, introspective thoughts, I’m going to keep it light and focus on some of the funnier/odder things I’ve seen/heard/thought over the last few weeks.

Let’s take Schadenfreude, for $200:

In San Antonio, on the Riverwalk, all I could think of was how they could possibly have a sidewalk that butts up to a river without a railing? How have they not been sued by someone who fell in? And why couldn’t I have seen someone fall in?

Next category? It’s a Small World, for $400:

On the flight from Dallas to NWA, I saw our Chamber of Commerce President, who very nicely helped me with my luggage, and one of my coworkers, on her way back from another work-related trip. The next day I got to visit with an old acquaintance who travels with Second City (we share a dark period in our theatrical pasts) and discovered through facebook that an old college friend has been hanging out in my childhood, er, hood. His father likely chats with mine every morning. Weird.

Alex, I’ll take Animals You’d Not Expect to see in Hotels, for $600:

While exploring the “basement” of a hotel recently, we discovered a possum in a laundry bin. I choose to believe he was hanging out in the dirty laundry only.

And finally, for the whole ball of wax, I’ll take Nostalgia for $1000:

I would swear that the college boys downstairs have a beer die table. Don’t know what beer die is? Your loss.

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