the new chain letter – but on facebook

I find it interesting that so many people whom I would assume consider themselves above something as corny as a chain letter have embraced the “25 things about myself” trend that is zipping around facebook. So in that spirit, I created my own version. I’m sure someone else thought of it before I did, but it hasn’t made it’s way to my friends. So for now, I’m considered clever. Enjoy.

Directions: Write 25 absolutely false things about yourself. Tag a bunch of people and ask them to do the same. See what comes of it.

1. I never spend any time on facebook.

2. I moonlight as a supermodel.

3. My irrational fear of broccoli has cost me more than one potential soul mate.

4. I feel an innate connection to jazz as an art form. Truly, is there any other kind of music?

5. There’s nothing like a good winter storm to get me in the mood to party. Ice storm = bliss.

6. I think it’s cool that facebook chooses to show me ads about pregnancy tests and alternatives to abortion.

7. Sailing is quite possibly the most interesting and riveting of the Summer Olympic sports.

8. There’s nothing I like more than showing up at an event where I don’t know anyone. Awesome. I just dive right in and start making friends.

9. Without a doubt, I believe Peyton Manning is the best. quarterback. ever.

10. I spend hundreds of dollars a year perming my hair.

11. I am completely comfortable amid the put-together, fabulous women of the south. Those ladies have nothing on my style and flair.

12. I hate being onstage. It’s even worse when people cheer and clap for your. God, that sucks.

13. I secretly want to be a chemistry teacher.

14. I love sitcoms. I watch them all the time.

15. I know that cats are far superior to dogs. In fact, I believe cats are superior to everyone.

16. My car runs like a dream. No noises, no dents, nothing. It purrs.

17. Guinness is my favorite beer.

18. Mornings are my favorite time of day. The new light, the birds chirping…ahh. I am always in a good mood in the morning!

19. I look absolutely smashing in lime green.

20. I know every band that ever played in the 90’s, plus the hot alternative bands of today. I am an encyclopedia of cool music.

21. I love to cook.

22. I always knew I’d wind up living and working in Arkansas.

23. I have never been accused of having a clandestine relationship with a friend’s husband.

24. The Yankees rule.

25. Everyone I know wants to be me. Who wouldn’t?

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