A tale of two photos

There’s a photo of myself that I just love. It’s from a hiking excursion last summer in the White Mountains. I was with my good girlfriends from Arkansas, it was a stunning day, we were high on waterfalls and gorges, and I snapped a selfie with a roaring river in the background. I didn’t haveContinue reading “A tale of two photos”

Taking up (the right amount of) space

I’m gonna put you inside the head of a “plus-sized” girl for a few minutes. And no, it’s not all donuts and hot chocolate, though…yummm…those sound good on this cold winter night. Ahem. Anyway. Today, at lunch, I discovered that the interwebs got all excited about “plus-sized” models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And in theContinue reading “Taking up (the right amount of) space”