Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

If I’m being honest, I’ve been going a little stir-crazy lately.  It’s been hot and muggy, and I’ve really, really wanted to be on a mountain or by a large body of water.  As I’ve lamented in the past, I don’t have friends with boats and lake houses to really enjoy the last dregs of summer with, and there are no mountains that I have access to nearby, so it’s been me and Sadie in the AC, with occasional jaunts to coffee shops for me.

And when it does cool off enough to get outside with Sadie, I’m finding myself…well…bored with my usual trails and hikes. I’ve got a yen for new territory.

So yesterday, while out doing errands, I spotted the ginormous brown sign on the highway just one exit down from my house advertising Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, the site of the last Civil War battle in Northwest Arkansas, and realized I’d never been there.  So into the car we went.

Getting directions on my phone was harder than it should have been, but eventually I found something that looked like it might be a state park, and with help from a few locals, found my way to a 1 mile paved walking trail through the park.

The trail isn’t much to get excited about, honestly, but on a cooling summer evening, it was very pretty to be there.  There are a smattering of “historic” buildings that you can walk right up to.

Historic building at Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

And some lovely views of the field where more than 2,700 troops died.

View of Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

There is also a driving tour that I didn’t do, which seems like it would be interesting.  Overall, this was a nice surprise find for me.  I saw a few people out and about (including three young boys who told me they loved my pretty dog, thus winning my heart), but not enough to be crowded as the Fayetteville trails can sometimes be. Since I’d swum during the morning, I didn’t have to worry about getting my heart rate up, so Sadie and I could just stroll and enjoy the views (we went around the loop twice), and her case, eye the huge open fields with leash-tempered longing.

Sadie looking at the fields


PS: It was pointed out by an astute reader that there are a lot of great park things happening at this park: pavilions, a playground for the kiddos, clean restrooms, etc.  I suspect it’s would be a great place for a party or event.

2 thoughts on “Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

  1. This was your first time to the park?!? I’m shocked. I grew up going there for family reunions, craft shows and just to hang out when visiting family in the summers. It’s a great park only a few minutes from Fayetteville. Have you explored Prairie Grove the town? I recommend it – it has some super cute flea markets. Enjoy!

    1. Yep. Seemed like a cool place for gatherings (nice bathrooms). It’s also worth pointing out that I’ve lived here 8 years and never gone to a Razorback game. I think it has to do with being single and generally not a seeker of such activities. 🙂

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