Who are the Seven Dwarves? Sneezy, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc, Happy...and? We couldn't remember!

Florida Interlude, Part 1: Disney Adventures

It’s time for a travel post! It’s been a while, and it feels weird to write about Florida, a place I’ve visited dozens of times. But really, especially when one lives in the Northeast, Florida is a different country. So let’s get to it. This visit was brought to you by my new employer, From […]

In defense of the boring birthday

Here’s the thing about grand life adventures, y’all. If you approach them with the right attitude, they are awesome. They are exhilarating and challenging and bring the world into bright, vivid focus in a way that normal life makes tough to achieve. They are also exhausting. I have hit that point in this grand adventure […]

Jamaica Pond on a cloudy day

Seen on my walk today

In addition to the view above of my personal water feature, aka Jamaica Pond, today was a whopper of a walk for common, strange and lovely sightings. There were the typical dozens of pooches (none as cute as Sadie, of course), and the requisite army of huffing/puffing runners. None of the runners looked happy. I hope they […]