Fifty Shades of White

Back in mid-January, I was just a normal girl living in Boston. I took the T to work, occasionally went for 2-3 mile runs outside, played volleyball and sometimes went out with friends. Then, one weekend, a powerful force entered my life. I wasn’t looking for him. I didn’t ask for him, but he wouldn’t take […]


Of dogs and heating oil on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, y’all! I’m not going to blather on about Singles Awareness Day, because let’s face it – that’s every day. I’m not here to rant about this holiday that many profess to hate, yet still consumes us. In fact, I feel quite awesome on this most hallowed/Hallmarked of days. There is hurricane-style blizzard coming, so once I stop yammering […]


Taking up (the right amount of) space

I’m gonna put you inside the head of a “plus-sized” girl for a few minutes. And no, it’s not all donuts and hot chocolate, though…yummm…those sound good on this cold winter night. Ahem. Anyway. Today, at lunch, I discovered that the interwebs got all excited about “plus-sized” models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And in the […]

Candy Crush detox

Over Christmas, my mom and I tried to figure out why, after completing 200 levels, I wasn’t able to advance further in Candy Crush. I suspect that they were tired of my not buying things, but really, we had no clue, and so she recommended Soda Crush, basically the same game with some different weird […]